Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vacation Stations

The week before students have a break we provide them with opportunities to choose their challenge in physical education class.  Students may freely move to different areas of the gym and participate in a variety of different activities.

The activities include foam stick floor hockey, pin-ball, jump rope, snurdle, hula hoops, scooters, pump cars, cuckoo cars, roller racers, climbing wall, climbing rope, basketball, etc.

Another activity that is available to them and  is new to our school is walking a slack-line   This is similar to a walking on a tightrope.   We have installed it between two volleyball poles in the gym and it is about 18 inches off of the ground.  This is proving to be a tremendous challenge for our students.  Many are putting in some great effort trying to improve their performance.

We have found that during these type of classes, where students are given choices, that they become very engaged and participation levels and intensity of workout increases.  Many leave at the end of class sweating, with red faces and worked muscles.

Check out some of the students below.

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