Friday, June 7, 2013

Corner Tag

Corner Tag - Love This Invasion Game.  Our students love it to.  Very active, invasion strategies and tactics come into play, teamwork and individual player roles become important.  Everyone is having fun and moving!!

Grade Level: K - 8 w/ slight modifications

Equipment Needed:  8 hula hoops (2 red, 2 blue, 2 green, 2 yellow) - 16 wiffle balls (4 red, 4 blue, 4 green, 4 yellow) - 30 to 40 half cones - Wrist bands or something else to identify teams (red, blue, green, red).

Set Up:  
-Using the half cones divide the space into 4 corners - Make one long straight line then make another line perpendicular through the center of the first.  
-Place 2 of the same colored hula- hoops spaced evenly away from the boundaries and each other in one corner.  Then do the same with the rest.  Each corner will have 2 hoops of the same color in it.
-Place one ball of each color (red, blue, green, yellow) in one of the hoops in each corner.  This hoops is designated the "treasure chest".
-The other hoop in each corner that does not have balls in it is designated the "jail".
-Players are evenly divided into 4 even teams.  Each player is given a wrist band to identify which team they are on.  Game begins with each team in their corner (the corner that has the hoops that are the same corner as their wrist bands)
-click on the panoramic picture to see a diagram of the set-up.

Object of the Game:
-To get all 4 of the balls that are your color back into your treasure chest and have all of your people back safely in your corner.

Rules for the Game:
-You are safe (cannot be tagged) if you have at least one foot in your home corner or another teams jail or treasure chest.  The jail and the treasure chest in another teams corner can be used as a safety zone.
-If you are tagged by another teams player while not in a safe area you need to go to that teams jail.
-Another player from your team who is free can come and rescue you.  If that player steps in and is still safe, both players, the one in jail and the freeing player, must join hands and are given a free walk back to their corner.  You may only free one player at a time.
-You may only carry one ball at a time - but you may take any color that you would like - it doesn't have to be just your color.
-Only one player can guard directly on the treasure chest or the jail perimeter.
-Guards cannot step inside or over the treasure chest or jail - must go around.
-Balls cannot be thrown - only carried
-As soon as you have all 4 of your color and all people back safely let us know and we check to see if it's correct and we call winner - reset and play again.

Other things to consider:
-For safety we do not allow players to slide into the jail or treasure chest If they do they automatically get sent to that teams jail.
-We usually play taggers choice (if the tagger says you're tagged - you're tagged - Sometimes it's too close to call - so instead of an argument, or students coming to us to resolve it, we have them play rock/paper/scissors - best of one.
-With younger groups, especially kindergarten we have the object be just to get their 4 balls and not have to have their players back free.

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